Liberty Mutual Chicago Marathon



Create a sponsorship program that drives awareness to the Liberty Mutual brand in Chicago that will receive attention from press, spectators, participants of the marathon and beyond. Liberty Mutual supports people in their crucial moments of need. We want to demonstrate this by creating a platform around Liberty Mutual’s Roadside Assistance service. We wanted to carry that idea to marathon moments, when people need the most encouragement and support.

The Idea

We sold in the idea at the end of August 2015 and the event was on October 11, 2015. With just six weeks, we created a responsive website about the campaign, partnered with the app Motigo to send messages of support to runners when they need it the most, organized a roadside assistance stand at the 9.5 mile marker and gave runners cool moist toilettes, and set up a recovery station equipped with foam rollers and stretch mats at the post-race party.

My Role

During our very tight schedule, I helped coordinate the entire project with my two account counterparts. This involved negotiations for the app partnership, design and build of the microsite, implementation of assets within the app, training for event and setting up event stations.


Sony Music Bob Dylan Studio A Revisited



Create a microsite that houses exclusive content from the latest Bob Dylan Cutting Edge Series release. Get fans, old and new, a chance to revisit these legendary sessions — not as a museum relic of the past, but as a fully immersive experience of the now.

The Idea

The microsite had three features. The first feature is the centerpiece of Studio A Revisited is known as “Jam Session,” where users get to play with EXCLUSIVE 4 track studio “stems” that made up some of Dylan’s most famous material. These stems allow fans, alone or in harmony, to remix songs such as “Like A Rolling Stone” and others. The Jam Session allows users across devices to add and subtract stems to relive the songs, not as they were, but as they are.

The second feature is an interactive timeline known as the “Listening Session,” traces Bob’s creative journey from Winter, 1965, New York all the way to Nashville, 1966. The third feature is the “Singing Session,” which gives fans the chance to put on their headphones and see how close they can come to matching Bob’s unique phrasing and timbre.

My Role

I was the lead producer on the project. I was responsible for the internal team production, managing the client relationship, usability testing, as well as the coordination of social and PR efforts. 


Silver Pencil - Interactive, One Show, Interactive/ Sound Design, June 2016

Bronze Lion - Cyber Cannes Lions, Category/Cyber/Web Platforms/Microsite, June 2016

Silver Lion - Design, Cannes Lions, Category/Design/Use of Design Craft/Sound Design, June 2016

Silver Lion - Design, Cannes Lions, Category/Design/Digital & Interactive Design/UX Interface & User Journey, June 2016

IAB MIXX Bronze - Branded Site, Category/Branded Sites, September 2016

Bronze Clio - Audio - Product/Service, Medium/Branded Content/Audio, September 2016

Bronze Clio - Website - Product/Service, Digital/Mobile/Website, September 2016

Silver Clio - Use of Music, September 2016

Gold Clio - Website - Artist, September 2016

TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Type Directors Club, January 2016

CA Interactive Winner - Websites/Microsites, Communication Arts Magazine, November 2016

Bronze Epica - Website, November 2016